Simple job logging for your company.

Navio, a simple install and forget job logging solution for your virtual trucking company. Created on years of experience.

Hello! ¡Holá! Bonjour! 👋

We're Navio, a small team of gamers on a mission to create the best job logging solution for your company.

What is Navio?
Navio is a job logger which handles collecting the data from the game and automatically sending it to your drivers hub.
Do I need to open anything for Navio to work?
Nope 🎉 Once you've installed Navio you're all set. Navio will automatically run in the background when you start your game.
How do I integrate Navio?
In order to integrate with Navio you will need your own drivers hub, as well as a good understanding of APIs and webhooks.
Does Navio work with Discord webhooks?
We don't provide an out of the box solution for Discord webhooks, but you are able to implement it this yourself.
Who is Navio for?
Navio is for virtual companies that have their own drivers hub and would like to support jobs from a job logger.
What's makes this different from VTLOG, Trucksbook, etc?
VTLOG, Trucksbook and others like them are virtual company platforms. In comparison, Navio is a system that provides you with a client and a way to integrate this into your own system.
Prime Logistics
Prime Logistics

Working with Navio has been the best and most customisable solution to job logging for our VTC. Their technology is top quality plus they are always looking for ways to improve!

Matt Owner, Prime Logistics