Simple job logging for your company.

As your company begins to grow you might be considering what's next? Do you form a partnership? Do you rebrand? Do you do weekly convoys? or do you build your own drivers hub? 🤯

There's so many decisions to make as you expand your company and explore new opportunities. Although we can't help with all of these, we do believe in providing a product which will make your life just that little bit easier!

One of most common features companies like to explore is developing their own drivers hub and the biggest challenge with this, is building a job logger which works well.

Don't worry, we hear you and that's why we're creating Navio based on years of experience with job logging 🎉

But what is Navio? We're glad you asked! Navio is a simple install-and-forget solution which provides your drivers with the best job logging experience and gives them more time to focus on what they enjoy.

Once your drivers have installed Navio, their jobs will be sent directly to your drivers hub allowing you to easily interact with the data and build something awesome 😎

Some frequently asked questions

Do you have a Discord server?

Sure thing, our community discord is at the forefront of our project. Why not join us and become one of our community astronauts.

Who is Navio for?

Navio is for virtual companies that have their own website/dashboard and would like to implement their own logger to have data sent directly to them.

What's makes this different from VTLOG, Trucksbook, etc?

VTLOG, Trucksbook and others like them are virtual company platforms. In comparison Navio is a system that provides you with a client and a way to integrate this into your own system.

Will it work with mods?

The logger should be compatible with all mods such as Promods, C2C etc, and even all other logging systems.

How can I find out more?

The best way to find out more about Navio is to follow us on Twitter where we'll be posting some sneak peaks.

When will you be launching?

We hope to launch Navio early 2021. Why not follow us Twitter to get notified when we launch.

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