Navio is now in public early access.


Simple job logging for your company

Navio, a simple install and forget job logging solution for your virtual trucking company. Created on years of expierence with job logging.

Prime Logistics

Working with Navio has been the best and most customisable solution to job logging for our VTC. Their technology is top quality plus they are always looking for ways to improve!

Matt, Owner at Prime Logistics

We're on a mission to make job logging fun

After years or struggling to find an easy and simple to use job logging solution which didn’t require learning a new programming language or writing some funky backend code, we felt it was time the community deserved more.

Navio aims to provide a simple solution for lob logging which fits right into your company. Navio acts as a proxy between your drivers and your drivers hub. Once a job has been completed by your driver, their information will be automatically sent to your drivers hub.

This allows you to spend more time focusing on your drivers hub, building your company and most importantly having fun.

Live Drivers